zelp. great people to deliver technology projects.

Welcome to zelp

Getting a project started can be challenging.

Getting a start up going can be hard.

Getting help before you know what you need to pay for is difficult.

we make it as easy as possible to get your project/start up/business going because we are able to leverage experienced resources who have done it before and can help take the vision off the page to bite size work packages, measurable outcomes, that can be tracked and monitored and given the best possible chance of success.

zelp is a boutique consulting services provider that acts as a catalyst to put together people, technology and hard work. 

zelp works with clients to provide business outcomes through strategic resource engagement, collaboration and creative thinking, and access to a network of people keen to work on new technology projects. .

We work across the telecommunications, IT and Software, logistics and start up sectors.

zelp.great people to deliver technology projects.