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By: aeverett | May 14, 2014

Recently theventure capital firm  that I am working for as COO needed to hire a few new resources.


We had tappedout our network of contacts from meet ups and immediate network of pastemployees and colleagues of employees. As most people have found it is betterto recruit from within your network or your employees network as they know whowill fit the company culture you are trying to build.


Having decidedwe needed to advertise we went with LINKEDIN. Overall the response was positiveand we got a significant number of responses. The process could have beenimproved with a better workflow within LINKEDIN as we did a lot of the settingup of interviews, polite rejection letters via email etc, whereas the processcould be streamlined b...

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By: aeverett | September 25, 2013

Communicate effectively and give a good status update.

Providing a quick and effective status update is a key tool in any modern day knowledge worker's kit bag. Whether you are a project manager, business analysts, coder or designer, everyone has to give status updates.

Some updates are formal and can be in the form of a weekly status report or they can be less formal, given over a coffee, but the structure and the flow is still just as important to get your message across.

Below is a basic outline, which can be adapted and reused depending on the level of detail required and the status update session.

1. Situation
2. Objective
3. Execution
4. Communication


This can be as simple as a replay of the current status. For example a developer mi...

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By: aeverett | August 29, 2013

It is a thriving ecosystem of budding entrepreneurs who are passionate about building great apps and businesses.

Andrew Everett went along to a talk from Riley Batchelor, General Manager of General Assembly, Australia. https://generalassemb.ly/sydney

Key takeaways:

1) Ecosystem of start ups is evolving, and building to the required critical mass to sustain and nuture start ups.

In the ecosystem there are

  • Start ups
  • Investors
  • Co working spaces
  • Meet ups and networking events
but there is a need for more....

  • More activity
  • More investment
  • More government support and attention
  • More talent
2) Investors, there are now a number of dedicated and focused investors in the start up community including

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By: aeverett | August 22, 2013

A client asked recently asked for some help with preparing a pitch kit for start ups presenting to the VC they were running.

Although this is not a full pitch kit it does give some examples of headings contents and flow of information that should be useful.

Also it is important that the presentation is rehearsed and run through several times to get a feel for the flow. Most VCs are looking for start ups that have identified a business problem, found a solution and have an implementation plan that maps the the technology resources and investment required to address the problem and customer need and hopefully make money.

Passion and intensity are important but a well planned and executed presentation is also important as it builds confidence in ...

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By: aeverett | August 20, 2013

opera house
1) Set regular communicate catch ups; IM or conf call sessions
2) Set clear defined objectives and milestones and monitor progress
3) Loop in remote staff as required, don't just CC on every email and expect them to be up to date
4) Team meetings to let everyone have a voice
5) Encourage team building activities in location if people are co located
6) Visit them
7) Know local holidays and working hours
8) Get the best from time zones, eg ask someone to follow up and get result while you are asleep

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