Putting together people, technology and hard work

About us

The zelp story goes back to the start of the first wave of convergence between business and technology.

The team members worked with start-up businesses, acted as consultants, worked on big transformation programs, worked with governments and non profits and travelled the world.

The common theme that brought everyone together was the desire to build a better model to help companies and businesses put together people and technology, and just make the whole processes easier. .

Andrew Everett

Andrew Everett is zelp's managing director. He is a passionate about helping clients put together people and technology. Andrew has successfully delivered for clients through working directly on a project, placing and mentoring a strategic resource, or just putting a client in touch with a contact who can help.

Andrew has a blog where he writes about projects and start ups. It also a great place to get useful templates and tools. You can read more here.

Grant Simpson

Grant has been with zelp since the beginning, guiding and mentoring the zelp team on making sure communications with customers and partners is simple, concise and shows insight into the challenges faced by zelp customers.

Grant Simpson is a marketing and branding leader with expertise in automotive industries, FMCG and the non profit sector . Grant Simpson has been able to help shape winning market adoption, corporate and marketing strategies.

Grant has worked with some of the most well known brands including: Qantas, Hyundai, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kellogg, AAMI, Sony, Merrill Lynch, Goodman Fielder, BP, Infigen Energy.

Raymond Dorahy

Ray has worked on everything from IT start ups, telecommunications projects and reverse logistics projects. 

Ray has also prepared discussion papers for Federal Government ministers as a means to shaping the conversation in the ever changing telcommunications landscape. 

A whiz at business case models. Ray also holds an MBA from the MGSM.

Karl Zdero

Karl is a true consulting warrior with all of the stories that go along with a 30 year history of working around the world from Australia, Botswana, Gabon, Czech republic, Germany, South East Asia, London and now Melbourne. Now leading and  sharing his knowledge and insights, with the next generation of knowledge workers, when he is not on the bike doing 180km rides into the mountains outside of Melbourne.


Tony, semi-retired but his clients love him, and won’t let him spend 7 days on the golf course, so he still does a few days consulting each month.

Offshore team

Supporting zelp through a best shore delivery model, supplementing the work of the local team are  resources, working in different time zones, increasing the Australian based resources productivity by turning around status reports, project plans, meeting minutes and all of the daily grind of running a project.

Advisors, Collabrators, Investors, Partners, Others

A network of contacts collected over the years that are interested and motivated to help business succeed. Every year the little black book of people gets bigger. 

Too many to mention here, and too many to thank,  for all of the help, coffees, catch ups and support, advice and mentoring.

Thank you