Putting together people, technology and hard work


Leveraging the skills and experience of previous successful project delivery for a variety of clients.


We have delivered projects across the  telecommunications,  IT enterprise software, big data,  logistics, start ups, web development projects, mobile applications (apps)  space.



zelp provides independent and strategic advice to our clients. We leverage our network of relationships, peers and industry experience.


zelp works with clients to scope and quote the deal and bring the required due diligence to the commercial model that will help you get through the funding gates and seek approval from your stakeholders


Start ups 


zelp has worked with start ups on MVP development, pitching and growth hacking, finding the right team of developers and venture capital backers.

Australia is a great place to build a start up and the ecosystem continues to evolve, with more accelerators, hubs, Venture Capital firms, angel investors and coders keen to help start ups.


Venture Capital & Collaboration


zelp has invested and  worked on  start ups, mentored people and teams, and continues to be excited about the opportunity to work with motivated and passionate people.